Friday, August 28, 2015 
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Desperate To Leave Your Job? Avoid These Fatal Mistakes

However, this may not be a smart career move - and you should leave your present job only after you find a new one. When you're looking for a new job, don't burn any bridges along the way, because it is imperative to still maintain a cordial relationship with your current employers.

Keep It Covert

Most people make the mistake of letting it be known that they are miserable in their current job. Doing this gives the boss a big red flag that you may be ready to jump ship and seek your fortune elsewhere. No matter how awful you may feel, do not let on that you have already 'checked out' mentally. Everything needs to go on as it always has. Don't give your current employer a chance to fire you, or worse, give you a bad reference.

Even if you are really, truly unhappy, you need to keep your wits about you and remain calm so you can think. Do you really want your current employer to know you're looking? Think about it.

Get Off That Phone Especially If It's Not Yours

When you really hate your current job, you'll do whatever it takes to get out. understandable. But let's be smart in the deal. Do not use the office phone to call prospective employers or let them call you. You run the risk of a colleague overhearing your 'business' conversation and before you know it, word is all over the office that Johnny is looking for a new job.

If you are looking for a new job, it's your business, and no one else's keep it that way by using your cellphone (outside on your break) or waiting until you get home to make that phone call.

Interview On Your Own Time

The time will inevitably come when you'll have to go on interviews. That said, it is not smart to take long lunches, extended breaks and lots of sick days in a row to attend job interviews. This is the surest way to attract unwanted attention. If you must, schedule a vacation day well in advance of the interview date even better, try to schedule a few interviews on the same vacation day to kill two birds with one stone.

Looking for a job when you're desperate to leave your current one isn't easy. It takes patience and planning. Keep a cool head and you'll land a great new job sooner than you think

By: Heather Eagar
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